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The demand for energy products is universal, That’s why AO "Dagneftegaz" Refinery oil and gas refinery’s scientists, chemists and engineers are working tirelessly into pioneering new development and research in sustainable technologies to fight carbon emissions, while creating more efficient petroleum products for everyday-to-day life.

We are committed in meeting the ever demanding energy market, to ensure that your daily life does not stop.

Performance indicators

Hyrdocarbon growth

12.5 %

Hydrocarbon production growth

Oil refinery production

93,750 barrels

of refined crude oil per day

Jet fuel sales

2.1 million tons

Jet fuel sales in 2018

Unleaded Gasoline and ULSD Diesel sales

9.9 million tons

Total sales in diesel and unleaded gasoline products in 2018

Marine fuel and bunkering sales

446 thousand tons

Marine fuel sales in 2018

Jet fuel sales

611 thousand tons

Of Bitumen sold in 2018

Our business model

Our business model are based on the board of director development strategy for a consistent year-on-year growth, while maintaining its position in terms of commercial viability. The energy we provide enables human progress daily, while we combat carbon emissions and reduce our environmental footprints.

Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel

aviation fuel

Our aviation fuel gives high performance to piston-engine aircraft and thereby significantly improving safety and ensures comfort with every flight.

liquefied natural gas

liquefied natural gas

Natural gas is expected to replace traditional fuel due to its environment friendly characteristics.



The upstream division of the company is responsible for our activities in oil and gas exploration.

Oil and gas refinery in Russia - PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz

oil refining

In ancient times people have extracted crude oil from the surface of earth and water, which was fairly in use after the 19th century, kerosene safety lamp was invented and the need of oil sky rocketed.

Quality control - PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz

quality control

The refinery’s certified laboratory, are responsible in handling and monitoring every refined petroleum products quality, at all stages.

Production catalog - PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz

production catalog

We refine a wide range of high quality petroleum, cleaner natural gas and other petro-chemical products in accordance to international ASTM and the Russia GOST standards.

AO "Dagneftegaz" Refinery