PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz
PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz


Offshore projects

Offshore projects

Through advanced technologies and innovations AO "Dagneftegaz" Refinery are executing major offshore projects of hydrocarbon resources on the continental shelf, oil and gas deposits onshore have been discovered and evolved.

Major capital projects

Beyond doubt the continental shelf of the World Ocean is undebatable, with Russia’s ample area shelf of over 6 million kilometers, the development of hydrocarbon resources on the shelf are rapidly developing with licensed oil and gas refineries spreading across the shelf.

Licensed operational areas


Exploration licenses

– Arctic

– Far Eastern

– Sakhalin

– Southern seas

AO "Dagneftegaz" Refinery are officially in position of 13 exploration licenses to operate in the Arctic, Far Eastern, Sakhalin and Southern seas of Russia – along with major state owned oil and gas refineries. The company are the first privately owned and controlled refinery to have it’s licenses approved for offshore projects on the continental shelf.